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Time-Sharing and Child Custody

Time Sharing | Child Custody Information | Saint Petersburg, Florida

Child custody is a relative term, and it’s often known as as ‘parental time-sharing’ in the legal system. Relationships don’t always end optimally, which can lead to bitter feelings between parents. This is a nerve-racking time for everyone involved in the split. However, it can be especially challenging for children. In order to have an undeviating time-sharing schedule in place, one must endure several court hearings. You must become knowledgeable of the legal system that oversees this delicate issue.


Why is it important to have a time-sharing schedule?

When the estranged parents do not agree on the amount of time (if any) the other parent should have with the child, a set-schedule will be very helpful. Note that it’s imperative to petition the courts for a court order that details exactly when each parent is able to have custody of the child. By doing this, both parents are bound to the agreement.


What to expect when both parents do not agree to the parameters of time-sharing

Lets face it, when a separation becomes muddled, parents tend to shuffle the kids around. Ultimately when entering the court system regarding this type of case, you will have to accept the court’s ruling. If there is still unease as to the schedule for custody, you can submit a supplemental petition. Although, in most cases, there will have to be a change in circumstances to have your motive determined.


How is time-sharing calculated?

Each parent’s work schedule, availability, and financial situation will determine time-sharing (child custody). The court will base it’s decision on what arrangement will create a stable and healthy environment for the child. If both parents have similar lifestyles (work schedule, pay scale, etc), then time-sharing will be similar as well. For example, in a 50/50 split, the agreement will often not include child support. If the majority of the custody is given to one parent, then there will be an increase in the amount of child support the non-custodial parent will have to contribute. When dealing with time-sharing, remember that the child comes first. If you find yourself in need of legal advice, contact an experienced family lawyer immediately.

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