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Banking and Financial Representation

Banking & Finance Legal Services | Freeman, Goldis, & Cash, P.A.

Our robust level of expertise in banking and financial litigation represents a broad range of specialties combined with a depth of experience.


We represent a number of financial and investor institutions who seek cost effective and expedited recovery actions against delinquent debtors and associated assets.


We specialize in advocating creditors’ rights and represent many clients in complex bankruptcy processes inclusive of Chapters 7, 11 and 13 bankruptcy petitions and associated supplemental proceedings.

Transactional Processing and Title Defects

We represent and counsel many clients in the preparation and closing of residential and commercial real property and other secured transactions.  We create documents for complex transactions with emphasis on regulatory compliance and nuanced protection for the lender.  We also provide cost effective review and analysis of transactional documents devolved in-house or proposed by third parties.  Additionally we address and cure any discovered title defects or impairments.

Special Assets

From collection actions to loan modifications, forbearance agreements, and work outs, we achieve cost effective solutions for special asset portfolios.

SBA and Special Loans

We work with many lenders offering Small Business Administration and special loan products outside of and in addition to conventional loan programs to process and close the loan on time, cost effectively, complaint with applicable regulations, and conducive to the client’s existing processes.