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Automobile Defense

Ads for personal injury lawyers are almost everywhere. When these ads promise clients “the compensation they deserve,” few think to ask where that money comes from. If you are in the insurance business, you already know the answer.

Collisions cost insurance companies billions of dollars every year.

Our firm represents many insurance companies, both national and local.

We provide a vigorous defense and assist our clients in mitigating costs while engaging in the kind of robust representation you would expect of a firm providing the highest level of advocacy.

If your insured has been sued for personal injury or property damage you can contact us for a rational approach to the issues.

Cases We Handle Include:

  • Automobile accidents

  • Maintenance defects

  • Wrongful death

  • Trucking accidents

Even if the claim is a case of clear liability, there will often be excessive and unnecessary claimed expenses and procedures from treating doctors, chiropractors or hospitals.

Sometimes, the injured party shares the fault for what happened, especially in a car accident.

If you are seeking representation, we encourage you to contact us.